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Web Sites and Information to Save You Time and Money

How to Hire a Management Consultant and Get the Results You Expect
Never hired a management consultant before? Want to make sure you get the right one and end up with the results that meet your firm’s goals and objectives? Whether or not you hire Altman Dedicated Direct, we recommend you take a look at this truly helpful resource published by the Institute of Management Consultants Click here to view, print or download.

Privacy Policy Resource
Do you need help figuring out what your web privacy policy should address? The DMA offers a great resource at Just answer and check off the questions, and the DMA will provide you with text or HTML out put. We recommend you review it for grammar and clarity, but it provides a great start.

Preliminary Trademark Research
Thinking about a new brand name but not sure if it’s already taken? Start your search at to not waste time and money with lawyers searching out names you can easily eliminate.

Financial Data and Filings for Public Corporations
Lots of info from the SEC on your competitors or potential business partners or vendors assuming they are publicly held.

Curency Conversion

Weights and Measures Conversion

On-line Dictionary

Calendar of World Holidays
An incredible wealth of information on last year, this year and next year's holidays. Want to find out what date Chanukah falls on so you know when to cut off rush delivery? Need to find out what day of the week Valentine's day is on next year to send out your email promotion in time? Sorted by country or religion or day of the year, every holiday imaginable is there.

Trade Organizations

The Direct Marketing Association – The DMA is involved in every aspect of direct marketing from lobbying congress to convincing the public that shopping by mail, phone and web is a good thing. They offer lots of research, training and networking opportunities including seminars, conferences, industry data and statistics, and much more. In addition, their supplier listing allows you to search for just the right email fulfillment form or lettershop.

Regional Direct Marketing Associations – Network and learn from direct marketers near to you. Some are official chapter of The National DMA, others are independent.
Atlanta Regional Chapter
Dallas/Fr. Worth Chapter
Florida Chapter or
Mid-America Direct Marketing Association
New England Direct Marketing Association
New York
Northern California Chapter
Philadelphia Direct Marketing Association
Seattle Chapter
Southern California Chapter or
Southern Ohio Chapter
Washington DC

NRF – The National Retail Federation – the largest trade association for retailers. Catalogers and eCommerce marketers find this organization and the insights gained from their annual conference provide great support for their merchandising efforts.

NEMOA - -The New England Mail Order Association – A fabulous organization for catalogers and definitely not confined to member in New England! Their semi-annual conferences are very reasonably priced and offer both networking and great learning benefits.

The Electronic Retailing Organization – THE trade organization for infomercial and DRTV marketers. They also devote some of their effort to insights regarding electronic direct marketing on the web. Two conference each year, and a very politically connected leadership group. They also offer industry facts and figures, and offer a weekly newsletter to keep you up on the latest in the world or electronic retailing.

Trade Publications

Catalog Age The latest in catalog statistics, insights and news each month. Also offer a free weekly eNewsletter

Catalog Success Practical advice and tips for catalog marketers, along with enjoyable and helpful case studies.

Direct – Insights into the world of direct marketing each month – from banking to continuity marketing to non-profits and everyone else in between. Also offer Direct Newsline, a free daily eNewsletter with the latest in the world of direct marketing

DM News – Weekly publication that keeps us all abreast of the latest in the direct response marketing world regardless whether you are a publisher, a cataloger, or an infomercial marketer. Also offer several eNewsletters to keep you up to date on the latest impacting direct marketers.

Electronic Retailer, This publication is put out by the Electronic Retailing Association and offers both strategic and tactical advice, insights on federal regulations, and other valuable insights and advice for DRTV, internet and radio marketers.

Internet Retailer Monthly tips and insights for those who sell products on the net. In depth reviews into different aspects of the business help neophytes and experts alike.

Response Magazine This monthly publication provides case studies and statistics of great use to infomercial marketers and others who work in DRTV.

Target Marketing Practical advise can tips for direct marketers; case studies and hands-on advice that is eagerly awaited each month by direct marketers looking for new ways to improve their response rates and bottom line.

Direct Marketing Related Web Sites/eNewsletters

AdLaw The web site for direct response focused law firm Hall Dickler Kent Goldstien & Wood LLP. They also offer a weekly eNewsletter to keep you abreast of changes in promotion and advertising related law or case rulings that effect direct marketers.

CRM Guru Everything you could possibly want to know about customer relationship management and an award-winning eNewsletter to boot.

ClickZ A multitude of knowledge can be gained in their many eNewsletters for every kind of web marketer.

eMarketer Every statistic imaginable on eMarketing.

Marketing Sherpa Practical know-how and great case studies in several eNewsletters available for free.

Web Digest for Marketers A great weekly eNewsletter with oodles of great referrals to other sites of interest.

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