Client Endorsements

"Shari focuses on the marketing process itself which transcends the product. She is able to convey complex strategy and to itemize steps to be taken in order to achieve a goal. Her mail plans are "elegant" in that they are structured to yield data that answers multiple questions. I have the ultimate respect for her both as a marketing professional and as a valued colleague."

Susan Miles, Vice President List Brokerage, Statlistics, Inc.

"Shari provided very specific and useful direction for changes to improve the offer and creative for our prospecting ads. Her honest insights were invaluable in helping us focus our advertising strategy and tactics, to grow our catalog and web business."

Paul Marcus, President Brookbend Outdoor Furniture "We knew Alexis Vogel Cosmetics could be much more than just a one-time sale through our infomercial. We wanted to establish a great continuity program, and have customers come back time and time again. Of all the choices we could have made, I know everyone here is thrilled that we chose Shari Altman and the ADD team. They became our hands-on, direct response marketing partner, laying out a step-by-step merchandising and marketing plan; internet, email, seasonal catalogs, inbound and outbound telemarketing, print, customer service, you name it. They not only showed us what needed to be done, but were there every step of the way, to make sure things got done right. There are so many mistakes and bad choices you can make in this business, that waste time, money and can literally turn away customers. I consider us extremely fortunate to have made the great choice of Shari Altman and ADD." Mark Olson, Director of Direct Response Operations, Integrity Global Marketing
"Altman Dedicated Direct has a broad experience base allowing them to grasp unique business situations and provide actionable and affordable solutions. I would not hesitate to recommend Altman Dedicated Direct." Russ Gaitskill, President, Garnet Hill Catalog
"Shari is the queen of direct response marketing. She is my sage "go to" person for DR advice."
Christy Hadzick, Director of eCommerce Marketing, LookSmart Ltd.
"Shari Altman can put together a compelling offer better than anyone I have ever seen. She truly understands what triggers customer response, and knows how to achieve add on sales and repeat buyers. She is a creative and focused problem solver. Working with Shari was a learning experience for everyone on my staff."
Dick Respess, former President, Sara Lee Direct Catalog
"Shari Altman is the rarest of marketers, combining an unerring sense of marketing strategy with powerful persuasive skills. She can give a campaign both direction and substance. I am her admirer." Herschell Gordon Lewis, CEO, Lewis Enterprises
"Although our business model is unlike any other that Shari Altman has worked on, she leveraged her extensive experience to make invaluable contributions to improving our continuity program. I would definitely work with her again in the future."
Hannelore Schmidt, Director of Consumer Delight & Loyalty, LLC
"Shari possesses the rare ability to see the big strategic picture along with being able to execute the details. I feel very comfortable in giving her a broad challenge and letting her run with it. She will develop a plan that will be well thought out and carefully administered."
Glen Greissinger, President, The Dialogue Company
"Look up Shari Altman in the dictionary and it says; one who is professional, hardworking, creative and honest."
Fred Catona, Founder, Radio Direct Response
"Shari's unique ability to create and develop a successful campaign make her an asset to any company."
Russell Martocci, Sr Vice President, DialAmerica Marketing, Inc.
"Shari Altman is that rare professional who takes care of your business as if it is her own project. She spends your money like it is coming from her bank account. When I need product developed, mockups created, tapes recorded or telemarketing and fulfillment set up .. there is only one person I call.. and that's Shari Altman."
Dave Petitto, Pres. of Dave Petitto Direct
"Shari is the most detail oriented, cool and collected, very easy to work with, marketing coach for any start up company. Her team and associates are all expert in their fields. Shari is a very diligent and hardworking professional, who has been very responsive to all our start up needs. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is considering taking the plunge into what may seem a confusing world of direct marketing."
Thai Truong, Founder/CEO, Stowright, Inc.
"Shari has a keen and creative mind...she's a joy to work with."
John Fernandez, President, Media Magnets, Inc.

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"has a broad experience base allowing them to grasp unique business situations and provide actionable and affordable solutions."

Russ Gaitskill, President, Garnet Hill Catalog
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