"So, what's in it for me?" That question is the bottom line for your customers and prospects. Our direct response consultants help you find the most affordable, practical answers to drive your firm's success.

We help you get -- and implement -- the RIGHT ANSWERS to acquire and retain customers , generate SALES and increase your PROFITS.

  • Exploring opportunities like loyalty programs or continuity marketing that reach beyond in-house direct marketing expertise?

  • Would your direct marketing benefit from a strategy "tune-up" and new tactics?

  • Need to turn affordable solutions into breakthroughs in customer acquisition and retention, merchandising and lifetime value?
I invite you to explore our site, and give us a chance to increase your bottom-line profits! Start with a single click here.
        — Shari Altman, Altman Dedicated Direct

From catalogs and infomercials, to direct mail and e-mail, Altman Dedicated Direct has heavy-hitting industry experts, each with fresh insights and 25+ years of experience ready to help your firm get to the next level. Fast.

"...possesses the rare ability to see the big strategic picture
along with being able to execute the details.

Glen Greissinger, President, The Dialogue Company
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